The Heart of a Leader Paperback


Filled with artifacts and detail, THE HEART OF A LEADER delivers an intimate, inside view of the first youth-driven political upset after 18 year olds got the vote. Uniquely told by a teenage campaign volunteer and son of Delaware's Democratic Chair (and Biden mentor), the author details precisely how Biden waged his groundbreaking David and Goliath contest, inspiring an army of youth to one of the most unlikely political upsets in America.

A polarizing White House, historic racial protests and failed foreign policy. Sound familiar? Oddly reminiscent of today’s headlines, the year was 1972. Nixon's looming impeachment, Dr. King's murder and a senseless war moved Joe Biden to add his voice to America’s unruly discussion on war, the environment, ethics and equality. His first priority? Shaking up the old political guard by integrating youth at every level.